Strip Trolley owner blames Power and Light in canceling service

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Getting around to some of Kansas City's entertainment districts might become more difficult after a trolley route announced it was suspending service.

The KC Strip Trolley took people to and from the Kansas City Power & Light District, Martini Corner and Westport during  Saturday nights in Kansas City, but it might have made its last stop.

Trolley Manager Bill George from the Kansas City Transportation Group blames the discontinuation of the service on Power & Light operator Cordish Company.

George says Cordish is no longer offering people who go to Power & Light attractions discounts to trolley riders, forcing the KC Strip to re-do advertising, something George says he can't afford to do.

In a statement received Monday night, Nick Benjamin, executive director of the Power & Light District, said the district has always been a supporter of the KC Strip.

"We were saddened and disappointed to hear that they are shutting down," Benjamin said in the e-mailed statement.

Despite any discounts offered to Power & Light riders, Benjamin said the district did not have any involvement "in the creation or operation of the KC Strip."

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