Student behind Confederate flag controversy speaks exclusively to KSHB

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Blue Springs High School student spoke exclusively with 41 Action News on Friday about a ruckus caused over a Confederate flag.

The school sent a letter out to parents about extra patrol at the school a day after some students carried the flag around campus.   

This week, a group of teens displayed the Confederate flag, one time in the back of an older model pick-up truck, on school property.

The student who owns that truck spoke with 41 Action News. He asked not to be named and said he took flag and wrapped on his back like a super-man cape and wore it around the common room at school. 

Another day, a different student hung the Confederate flag over a banner in the common room of the school.

“I’m from the South, and me and my mom have been going through a lot with our stepdad and I thought I would go ahead and fly the flag in a show of my freedom basically," the student said.

Some students expressed their concern that the flag was a symbol of racism.

One parent shared a letter the district e-mailed to them.

Dear Parents of Blue Springs High School, 

A student displayed a Confederate Flag at school yesterday.  That incident was addressed immediately.  Rumors, which we have not found to be credible, have swirled around social media regarding the possibility of conflict related to this incident.  We plan to have a normal day of school tomorrow with a heightened awareness of potential issues related to this situation and wanted you to be aware.

Dave Adams, Blue Springs High School Principal

District Spokeswoman Cara Anger said the school is watching social media for any threats and will continue to provide extra security if necessary. On Friday, the school had extra school resource officers.

"Unfortunate circumstances have happened, but they have provided us with some teachable moments for these students, so we are just trying to do our best and teach our students how to be better citizens and better students and learn from these situations," Anger said.

The student involved told us he received threats on social media and said he has been suspended for 10 days.

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