Study shows boost in productivity, income with each Chiefs win

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When a team wins, you win. It's the "winning effect."

The Chiefs are now 7-0, and that's having a positive effect on the city and your wallet.

Fans at Arrowhead Sunday night could hardly believe it. 

Vern Guilford of Raymore said, "No, I predicted if we went 8 and 8 I'd be happy."

But with this record, fans were more than happy.

"What's really nice is to see the stadium. The stadium and the parking lot is packed. I mean this is what it used to be like. This is Chief's football, and now we've got it back," Sherri Yaeger said.

A study from the University of Missouri-Rolla suggests when a team is winning, that elevated mood carries over. People are happier, working harder and more productively.

"When you associate with everyone else in your community, everyone in your community is associated in your sports team, and it can pick up and carry over to everyone. It's contagious," sports psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs said.

An increase in winning percentage, the study showed, increases personal income. And after some not-so-great seasons, the winning effect is even greater.

The report suggests that if the Chiefs can earn 10 more wins than last year, when they went 2-14, people will get richer -- by an average increase of $100 or more.

But for diehard Chiefs fans, this is all they ever wanted.

"You wish that every Chiefs fan was a diehard Chiefs fan, and you wish they would hang with them whether they're good, bad or ugly … but hey, you know, we're winning, and that's all that matters," Yaeger said.

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