Stunt motorcyclists and street racing drivers shut down I-435 on Sunday

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. - All three lanes of I-435 in Platte County, Mo., came to an abrupt halt on Sunday because of stunt motorcyclists and street racing drivers.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said the bikers deliberately shut down the highway to make room for their moves.

Law enforcement has battled with these gangs of "crotch rocket" motorcyclists for years, but stunts on public highways are increasing as motorcycle registration increases.

The gangs film their exploits on public highways all for a few minutes of Internet glory.

They elude police and scare motorists as they deliberately block traffic to make way for miles of empty highway. 

But two 12-year-olds who witnessed Sunday's incident from their car got out their cameras and started recording too.

Marcus Scudiero yells on video, "Look! There's another motorcycle. Look! She just handed him a beer."

Scudiero and Brandon Cuda said they were "not impressed at all."

The two said the drinking accomplices in the cars slowed traffic down and motorcyclists lined the highway for miles.

"They did not want anyone in front of them, I assumed, so the whole highway in front as far as we could see was empty."

They said they felt terrorized and didn't know what was about to happen to them.

"They slowed down the whole highway and there were people on the side of the highway waiting," Cuba recalled, "I didn't know if this was going to be a mass murder or what the plan was."

No one was hurt.

But the Missouri Highway Patrol said the stunt cyclists are difficult to stop because sport bikes are so fast and can easily weave in and out of traffic.

It's why the Highway Patrol, for the safety of others, now puts an aircraft in the sky every weekend to keep watch.

On Sunday, they said they caught one stunt rider who they tracked speeding down highways at 99 miles an hour.

They said once the stunt driver ran a red light and nearly got into a wreck he driver realized the law enforcement aircraft was following him. He tried to hide inside an Independence fitness center.

"It's very scary," Cuda said, "and it's putting kids like us at risk and it's not cool."

Scudiero agreed and said, "It's not funny at all."

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