Summer heat climbs higher than some coastal cities for KC

Heat takes a toll on more than just your body

KANSAS CITY - The summer heat isn’t just taking a toll on people living around Kansas City, but on cars and air conditioning units.

The temperatures on Monday reached 90 degrees, but the humidity made it feel like it was 100.

At 54 percent, the humidity in Kansas City was higher than some cities near the ocean like New Orleans and Houston.

Mechanics and air conditioning repairmen are beginning to get massive amounts of calls for repairs.

Joe Morales at Anthony Heating and Cooling says one of the biggest mistakes people make is not changing the air filters on their air conditioning units.

“A lot of people forget to change their filters which can restrict air flow and burn out some motors you can also cause a lack of airflow which can freeze up your units also the outside systems they don’t rinse them down so you’ve got all that cottonwood and dirt built on them,” he said.

Your car is just as sensitive to overheating.

Mechanics at KC Complete Auto Service are already getting overheated cars to fix. 

They say the best way to check for any signs of leaking or overheating is to check underneath for any leaks.

If you notice a green, yellow or orange liquid underneath your car that could mean you have a coolant leak and need to head to the mechanic. 

Driving will only make the problem worse.

"A lot of these cars you see on the side of the road, they’ve overheated you don’t want to continue driving your car when it overheats because that can lead to very serious engine damage and very expensive repairs,” said Christopher Kopec, a manager at the shop.

Repairs can be in thousands of dollars.Kopec says drivers should also check their tire pressure. Tires with low pressure can explode because of the heat.

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