Sunfresh in Kansas City sells $1 million Powerball winner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Dearborn jackpot winner was not the only Powerball winner in Missouri. A $1 million ticket was sold at the Constentino's Sunfresh on NE Vivion Road in Kansas City.

The store sold about 24,000 Powerball tickets for the big Jackpot, according to store manager Deanna Briibiesca.

The other $1 million dollar Powerball ticket in Missouri was sold in Joplin. Eight $10,000 dollar ticket were sold in Missouri. One of those tickets was sold at a CVS in Raytown, Missouri. Six $10,000 winners were sold in Kansas.

Missouri has the second most Powerball Jackpot winner behind Indiana, according to Missouri Lottery officials.

Workers at the Constentio's Sunfresh are waiting for Missouri Lottery officials to say who bought the winning ticket from their store and who sold it.

Workers are excited that one of the winning tickets was sold at the store. They say there have a dozens of regulars who buy lottery tickets daily.

"It's kind of rewarding because you do it every day, five days a week. So, to know that somebody won here is kind of nice," said Briibiesca.

She says this is the highest winning ticket they have ever sold at the store.

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