Super PAC spends $1 million on Akin TV ad across Missouri

KANSAS CITY - The Super PAC "Now or Never" reported Thursday that they spent $1 million on a statewide TV ad supporting Missouri Senate Republican candidate Todd Akin.

"You don't have to agree with everything he says, but you can be sure in the Senate, Akin will vote for Romney's policies," says the ad's narrator.

Now or Never spokesman Tyler Harber said the ad is encouraging voters who may disagree with Akin to vote for him anyway, so Republicans can gain control of the Senate.

"I think this ad was meant to convince the folks and the voters who are going to vote for Mitt Romney, but perhaps were not going to vote for Todd Akin, that pulling the lever for Todd Akin is still the right way to get this country turned back around," Harber said.

Senator Claire McCaskill's told reporters Thursday night she wanted to know who's spending that kind of money.

"Why are they hiding this money through a not-for-profit, so that nobody can really know who's writing the check," McCaskill asked. "That's a lot of money to dump at the 11th hour in a campaign."

The Senator released her own statewide ad that was paid for by her campaign.

"Is Todd Akin fit to serve in the Senate?" asks the ad's narrator?  "Mitt Romney doesn't think so."

The ad shows Romney during a previous interview sharing his thoughts on Akin's comment about "legitimate rape."

"What he said was indefensible, was wrong," Romney says in the ad.  "It was offensive, and he should step out of the race."

Both ads will air multiple times on multiple stations throughout Missouri.

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