Surveillance footage from gas station where 'melee' took place released

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Monday, police responded to what they are now calling a "melee" at a BP gas station near Indiana and E. Linwood.

It was reported as a hit and run but it turns out the ones who were hit are now being charged.

Surveillance video obtained from the gas station on Tuesday shows two suspects approaching a white Ford Focus parked near a gas pump, where the incident begins.

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From the footage from inside the gas station store, you can see the store clerk using the phone, presumably to call police.

One of the suspects then opens the driver's door, climbing through to the passenger side. The fight then continues near the gas pump, where at least three people were involved. Punches are thrown and some witnesses even try to restrain those involved from further violence. On Monday, police said tire irons were being used as weapons, which can also be seen in the video.

One neighbor said there are several incidents at this particular gas station but nothing like this.

"I've drove through there it's always drama but for something like that it was severe and there was a child in the back seat so it made it even worse," said Charmaine Allen.

As a crowd begins to gather near the scene, onlookers are seen motioning to call the police.

The driver of the vehicle then gets into his car and a man can be seen smashing in the back window of the car.

The video ends as the driver of the vehicle drives off.

The man hit by the car went to the hospital. The family got away with a few scratches.

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