Survivors of partial building collapse say it was scary, tested their faith

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Survivors of the partial building collapse that occurred on Thursday said it was scary, and it tested their faith.

One moment, vacation bible school instructor Vasti Sanchez was playing with her students.

"All of a sudden we heard a big boom and everything just fell, and it was just God's presence," Sanchez said.

The 20-year-old bible school teacher found herself trying to save lives including loved ones. 

"I grabbed my sister. My sister, she has a disability, and God just gave me the strength. I didn't feel anything when I carried her. I had and I still helped people get kids out," Sanchez said.

All 44 children and 20 staff members made out of the church. Sanchez has been worshipping at the church since she was a baby.

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"You just want to cry and said god thank you," Sanchez said.

Another instructor, Perla Simental, also attributed the escape to faith.

"We all know, we all believe that if we're for God's hand you know we wouldn't have made it," Simental said.

Simental took a photo to remember this day.

“It happened fast, but at the same time you capture moments that you have never imagined like certain faces, certain expressions that people did or made or anything and that stays," Simental said.

She isn't lingering on today's collapse and is looking forward to tomorrow.

“It hurts to see this, but everything we know, good things are to come," Simental said.

There is no word yet where the bible school will hold the rest of its classes this summer.

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