Technology keeps parishoners connected despite snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hundreds of churches in the greater Kansas City area cancelled church services on Sunday because of heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. United Believers Community Church (UBCC) is one of them; but members still got to have church without being in the church building.

Rev. Darron Lamont Edwards Sr. is pastor of United Believers Community Church. There are two locations -- at 112th Terrace and Hickman Mills Drive in south Kansas City and at 29th and Oakley, also in Kansas City, Mo.

"I decided it was best to make sure members were safe at home and not driving on dangerous roads to get to church," said Rev. Edwards.

He set up a conference call. All members had to do was dial the number and call to hear his sermon live at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

"Palm Sunday is such an important day for Christians to celebrate, and I wanted to make sure that we connected everyone even though they were not in the church building together," explained Rev. Edwards. 

Anita Sims is one of the church members who dialed in for the Palm Sunday sermon.

"I think it was great," Sims said.

"The sermon was about 15 minutes, and I could enjoy it right here in the comfort of my living room," Sims said.
"I think our pastor is wonderful for connecting us this way, and it really does keep us motivated and interested in studying  God's word and being part of our church family," Sims concluded.

Pastor Edwards also uses the conference call to do a five-minute devotional every weekday at 7 a.m. That number is (816) 673-8600.  The access code is 679233, then hit the pound-sign key.

To find out more about United Believers Community church, visit the home page at .

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