Teen continues to defy the odds after near deadly boat accident

Teen talks recovery after horrific boat accident

LEES SUMMIT, MO - Three years after a horrific boating accident, a Lee's Summit girl’s parents say their daughter's recovery is a miracle.

"It’s a blessing, to see her cheer and everything she’s overcome, it’s amazing," her father Bill Brooker said.

Bobbie Jo Brooker fell off her father’s boat while the family was out at Pomme de Terre Lake in 2011.

The propeller cut eight ribs, punctured her liver and her lungs and just missed her heart. Today, you can barely tell.

"It helps you grow from being a better person because you know that it’s possible to happen,” Brooker said, who is now 13. “But you can’t let it bring you down."

She still has a few scars, but for her it isn’t a reminder of what she went through, but what she’s overcome.

She couldn’t have done it without her father quickly getting her out of the water or the medical staff who helped her through recovery. In fact, she hopes to be a nurse.

"Just because I feel like they can help people too and how my nurses helped me,” she said.

Jason Martin was one of those nurses. 

"I don’t think one person gets all the credit in this situation,” Martin said. “If I had to pick someone it would be Bobbie Jo because she was so strong and so tough through all of this."

He and Bobbie Jo’s mother spoke to a group of emergency responders on Friday at St. Luke’s East Hospital in Lee’s Summit to not only talk about how to handle traumatic situations, but how to help children on their road to recovery.

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