Teen hit in head with his football helmet speaks about criminal charges against opponent

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jake Rosebaugh is the football player from Winnetonka High School who suffered a severe concussion after being hit on the head with his own helmet.

Colin Byrd from Platte County R-III High School faces criminal charges for the hit.

Rosebaugh hasn't returned to school since the incident on October 18. He still suffers from dizziness and nausea as a result of the concussion.

Video from the game shows the tackle, but the view of the hit is obstructed by two people near the field.

The hit came when the two went out of bounds. 

"When the whistle blows and the play is dead there's no more contact. This young man that struck my son, for one we're praying for him, the devil got into him. He did something that he should be held accountable for," Jake's father Curtis Rosebaugh said.

His father said he bought his son a $400 helmet to prevent head injuries.

Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd filed charges against Byrd because the act went beyond the level of football and rose to the act of criminal.

Jake plans to go back to school soon for half days, but the recovery has been slow. When first examined, he scored an 84 on a concussion scale of 0-125. Lesser concussions are in the 20-30 range.

Despite the hit, Jake said he wants to play football again. He hoped to get a football scholarship to help pay for college and eventually go on to law school.

He said he understands the risk, but this was not football.

"I'm aware of all the injuries you can get, all the dangerous stuff about football but that I wasn't expecting," Jake said.

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