2013 curfew tickets only given out on Country Club Plaza

2013 curfew tickets only given out on Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to the number of curfew citations from 2013, all the tickets given out to minors happened on the Country Club Plaza.

Councilman Jermaine Reed wants to know why the area, which is one of the five entertainment districts under the summertime curfew, was the only area of the city where Kansas City Police ticketed minors.

The other concern he has why 87 percent of the kids ticketed were African American compared to only 12 percent who were Caucasian.

"Yes many of them are African Americans, but you can't tell me that there aren't teens that aren't hanging out at Zona Rosa," Reed said.

Members of the Public Safety Committee also heard from the municipal court administrator Wednesday on the confusion over the curfew for entertainment districts and the general year-round curfew.

Committee Chair John Sharp agreed both curfews need to be more aligned instead of varying by time of year, the area and the age of the minor.

"I'm told by police officers that even they have to kind of have to carry around a cheat sheet just to know what's enforced at that time," Sharp said.

"Make sure that we're looking at this ordinance and making sure we're being fair and providing a common sense ordinance that everyone can understand," Reed said.

Reed said he has yet to hear a reason from Kansas City Police on why citations are only being handed out to minors on the Plaza.

"We enforce the ordinance as it was written and approved by the city. We cannot control who chooses to violate it and only enforce it against those who do," KCPD Spokesperson Tye Grant said.

Councilman Reed did request at next week's meeting a representative from Kansas City Police address the committee over the citation numbers.
In 2013 fines ranged from $1 to $100. Of the 21 tickets paid, the average cost was $40.

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