Teens, church work to combat youth violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Stop the violence. That was the message to teens Saturday at the Calvary Chapel Church in Kansas City, Mo.

The 9 p. m. curfew doesn't take effect in Kansas City until the end of the month. However, people worked to prevent youth violence and combat the negative image of teens in the city.

Dewanna O'Guinn lost her son Ashton the day after her birthday.

“He was a good kid. Developed a new friend base over the duration of a year and they weren't all the most positive people and I truly believe they have something to do with my son's murder but I'm not one to dwell on that,” O’Guinn explained.

She wants to make sure this doesn't happen to other kids. Her message to the crowd was to make positive relationships.

Senior Pastor at the Church Carl Moldon felt this event was needed, “It's needed in the community. We're assisting the police department and other crime entities. It's important.”

Last weekend police arrested a 14-year-old with a hand gun on the Country Club Plaza.

Officers also took a 16-year-old into custody for fighting in the park.

It's not the image teens like Michael Lewis want. “We can encourage one another. Maybe we can prevent other teenagers from being on the news,” Lewis said.

Mayor Sly James released the list of weekend activities for youth this summer. Those events will start May 23.

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