Teens return to spread inspirational message at Red, White and Boom

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of teens flocked to Starlight Theater Friday evening for the annual Red, White and Boom concert, and for three metro high schoolers, the night was used to spread a positive message to complete strangers.

It was just under a month ago when we caught up with a group of young girls from across the metro who blanketed the Power and Light District with notecards, each with a special compliment for anyone who walked by.

Friday afternoon, Selina Tucker, Katie Gamby, Kelsey Sturm and about 50 of their friends were at it again.

"We just want people to try and focus on the positive and be the best version of themselves that they can be," Tucker said.
It's all part of an international movement called "Team Inspire," which was started by the group Emblem 3. The girls headed the effort to bring the movement to Kansas City. Needless to say, the girls are huge fans.

"It's just so nice to see that they're using their platform being famous like that to spread such a good message," Tucker said.
They love the message, but they also love the band who started it. Friday, we brought them backstage for what they thought would be an interview on "how to put on a concert."

Imagine their surprise when they were face-to-face with their favorite band.

"Oh my God, Drew Chadwick's standing right next to me," Tucker said.

"I thought we were getting punked," Gamby said.

And the excitement was mutual.

"I'm proud that they're actually taking the initiative to take a step to do something," Wesley Stromberg, a member of Emblem 3, said.

"It's like they're not just fans of the music or the image or anything. They want to get involved and work towards the higher good of humanity," fellow band member Drew Chadwick said

It was a meeting the girls say have motivated them to keep promoting team inspire, and one they won't soon forget.

"I'm so happy that they like even came out. The fact that we got to meet them not only for us but to kind of spread the platform of teen inspire. I mean so many people are going to see this, and how much it means to them and how much it means to us," Tucker said.

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