Tense afternoon for students and teachers in lockdown at JCCC

It was a tense afternoon for thousands of students and teachers who were on lockdown at the Johnson County Community College .

"It feels very real. It feels like it's very real when something like this and you want to do the best and beyond your game to try to apprehend and individual if they are on campus to keep this campus safe,” Officer Dan Robles with the JCCC police said.

Police received a report of a female on campus with a shot gun. Teachers kept students locked inside of campus classrooms

"It got really intense," student Krista said. "She told us to get into the front of the class and go crouch in the corner. She said it was safer that way."

While students were together they comforted each other.

"It was kind of scary, but I think that students did pull together and we would talk to one another we supported one another,” student Jax said.

Nervous parents waited outside of the campus to see their children and hear their voices.

After three hours and police releasing building occupants one-by-one, officials cleared all 20 buildings that were on lockdown.

Robles said officials don’t want to say it was a hoax, and they want to take everything as serious as they can, especially with the way things are today.

"I want them to know that they'll feel safe when they come out here to campus. We'll have extra police presence and that they're in a strong learning environment and a safe learning environment as well," Robles said. 

The JCCC released the following statement following the lockdown: 

This evening JCCC Police received a report that a person had been spotted on campus with a weapon. Police take such reports very seriously. As a result, the campus was locked down as police checked rooms and spoke to the person who reported the situation. To ensure safety precautions, all evening classes were canceled.

After searching the buildings, the police were not able to find anyone, and the lockdown was lifted a little after 7 p.m.

“JCCC has never experienced such a situation before,” said JCCC president Joe Sopcich. “We are proud of the way our JCCC Police Department responded to the initial report, and we’d like to thank the Overland Park Police Department, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, the Kansas Highway Patrol and MedAct for their very quick deployment on campus. We are grateful the situation ended well."

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