Texas Governor Rick Perry spends thousands on ads to poach Missouri businesses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Texas Governor Rick Perry has launched more than $200,000 worth of advertising campaigns in Missouri to target businesses and convince them to move to Texas.

The ads' debut comes only a few days before he plans to visit face-to-face with investors in the Show Me State.

The radio and television ads, according to Perry's office, are funded by TexasOne.

The television ad began airing Tuesday, August 20, in St. Louis, Springfield and Columbia-Jefferson City, on channels CNBC, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN and the Discovery Channel. 

August 22 was the first day the radio advertisement began its broadcasting,. The radio version can be heard in St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Joplin and Kansas City.

"Why more jobs and businesses move to Texas than any other state," Perry says in the beginning of the television ad.

A montage of other business owners are then seen talking about the advantages.

"Texas rewards success with no state income tax," Katherine Harper says in the ad.

Lower taxes are just part of the sales pitch Governor Rick Perry uses to try and pluck businesses from Missouri.

On the governor's web page, he says he will visit Missouri on August 29 to "tout the low taxes that allow hardworking families and employers to keep more of what they earn, and help make Texas' economy a national example for job creation."

In the radio ad, Perry speaks directly to Governor Jay Nixon.

"Unfortunately your governor vetoed a bill that would have lowered taxes and controlled wasteful spending," he says.

Governor Nixon is getting pushback for vetoing House Bill 253 which some claim can limit business growth.

The Governor released a statement last week after a St. Louis based radio station pulled the ad that reads in part:

"I applaud KTRS Radio for taking this stand on behalf of Missouri businesses. Once again, Rick Perry needs to get his facts straight," Gov. Nixon said.  "Compared with Texas, Missouri has lower sales taxes, lower property taxes and higher student test scores – advantages that continue to attract jobs and investment from global brands like Boeing, Monsanto, General Motors, Ford, Expedia and Cerner.  That's why a growing number of local business groups are coming out against the risky experiment that would undermine Missouri's competitive business climate and raise taxes on prescription drugs.  Here in Missouri, we will continue to support businesses and grow our economy with proven fiscal stewardship and smart, strategic investments."

Bob Marcusse, the President and CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council, says seeing governors and mayors recruit businesses is not uncommon.

"This is something that we see on a regular and routine basis," Marcusse said.

He said the key is to keep growing and he believes Kansas City is a big part of the state's progress.
Monday and Tuesday, the council is hosting more than a thousand business investors in Animal Pharmaceuticals, which has a large base in Kansas City. 

"We're very excited about growing our own, about retaining our own and about attracting companies from around the world," Marcusse said. 

Kansas City Mayor Sly James released a statement Monday night about the ads. It reads:

"Our Secretary of State and Governor have been eloquent on the topic on why Governor Perry's economic development strategy of job poaching is misguided.  I would add to their commentary that Governor Perry would be well-served to examine the things Kansas City, Missouri is doing to keep and attract businesses.  We're investing in our own human capital so that our start-ups flourish. We're also continuing to work diligently to ensure that our City has all the amenities people look for in a hometown like arts and culture, public transportation, and innovative solutions to educational challenges.  If the Missouri Chamber of Commerce wants to welcome Governor Perry to our state, then I'm happy to show him why Kansas City, Missouri is a strong competitor to Kansas, Texas, or any other state that is inclined to try to steal our jobs."

Missouri is not the only state Governor Rick Perry is spending money in. He has recently done similar campaigns in California, New York, Connecticut and Chicago.

To see the ads click here: http://bit.ly/144hF9B

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