Thacher school gets another extension before demolition

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thacher Elementary School gets another demolition extension after supporters rally for the school.

Kansas City Public Schools wants to demolish the 116-year-old school to create a multipurpose field for students and protect the safety of middle school students, who will be attending Northeast Middle School this fall.

In December, the KCPS Board of Education tabled a demolition contract to give Northeast residents two months to devise a re-use plan for the former school.

On Saturday morning, after a demonstration by supporters KCPS school board chairman Crispin Rea gave supporters another month to find a new purpose for the school.

Thacher Elementary School was built in the 1900's. The school has been a staple in the Northeast for more than a century. The Kansas City Public School district closed the school in 2009 and a fire damaged it in 2011.

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