Absentee ballots might not be counted without proper postage

With only one week left until election day, some metro residents might find out the hard way their vote won't be counted. 

Kelly Bax, who lives in Johnson County, Kan., contacted 41 Action News saying she was afraid some absentee ballots will be returned.
"I looked at my envelope because I was ready to mail it out," Baz explained. "I had one stamp on it and I said, 'By the way, will this go for one stamp' ... and (the election worker) said "No, you need two."
Concerned that other absentee votes might not be counted if they were mailed with only one stamp, Bax contacted two local post offices to find out what the policy was during election season. She got two different responses.
"If it doesn't have enough stamps on it we're going to send it back to the sender and that will take a turn around of at least 10 days," Bax said one post office told her. The other post office said one stamp would be sufficient.
Richard Watkins, with the Kansas City Area United States Postal Service, said post offices are supposed to accept absentee ballots regardless of the correct postage, and the election office will pay the difference.
In several Kansas counties, voters are expected to use only one stamp to mail in absentee ballots. In Missouri, no postage is necessary by state law.
In Clay County, Mo., approximately 5,000 people have already voted absentee. Voters can vote absentee in person up until Monday, or they can mail back their ballot for free.
"It's not hard, it's not an inconvenience," said Dave Reinhart, director of the Clay County election board. "We make it as easy as convenient as possible in our county to cast your ballot."
On election night, Clay County updates its website live so voters just need to hit refresh for the latest polling results. Go to www.claycoelections.com for more information.
For more information on absentee voting in Johnson County, go to jocoelection.org
To learn more about absentee voting in Missouri, go to http://on.mo.gov/asL32E For Kansas, go to http://bit.ly/P6iBSU
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