Why the Mormon church won't endorse political candidates

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Among those who introduced Mitt Romney at Thursday night's Republican National Convention included members of the Mormon church. Romney is the first Mormon a major party has nominated for president.

The Mormon church, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, does not endorse any candidate. The church recognizes members can run for office, but you will never hear church leaders tell other members who to vote for.

"The church maintains a position of complete political neutrality," explained Tom Brailsford.

Like Romney, Tom Brailsford served as Bishop of his ward, or congregation.

"It's a calling that comes to you, you don't politic for it," he said of the position. "There's no vote."

All his life, Brailsford has had to explain his religion and set the record straight on many things including the Book of Mormon.

"We believe in the Bible, we use the Bible, we study the Bible. The Book of Mormon is an additional book of scripture that bares testimony to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer," he said.

Another myth: Members are required to go on missions like many who staff the Visitors Center in Independence, Mo. Brailsford said that is false as well. No one is forced; church members volunteer.

Romney traveled to France for his mission when he was in his twenties and has said it deepened his faith.

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