Local unemployed hope Obama keeps his job creation promises

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three people who were unemployed during the State of the Union last year talked about whether the local job market improved since then.

 We found them at the Full Employment Council in Kansas City, Mo. All three have been looking for work for close to a year. And all three are seeing more jobs become available -- but it's also become more competitive.

Andrew Belcher is still searching for his next construction job.

"Someone like me who is willing to work, who has a good work ethic and is familiar with having a job, I should be able to get a job," he said.

In the last year, Sharonica Nicholson went from being unemployed looking for a job in healthcare to being part of a layoff only a couple months after getting hired.

"I'm just searching daily for a job and just hoping and believing something is going to come," Nicholson said.

At this point, Lindale Lee doesn't qualify for unemployment, so trying to support four children is impossible.

"It's pretty hard to make it, so I have to find side jobs from family members and friends to make ends meet," Lee said.

All three have spent many hours at the Full Employment Council working on their resumes and going to workshops to figure out their next step in a slow-growing economy.

In the last six weeks, Nicholson has been on three interviews and is hoping one of them will turn into a full-time job. Lee hasn't had one interview, but he continues to look.

"Someone told me never to give up and that's exactly what I'm doing and I'm not giving up," he said.

All three wanted to hear President Barack Obama talk about his plan to create more jobs, which he did during the State of the Union address Tuesday night. They just hope this next year, the president's plan will pay off.

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