Tiffany Castle, nestled in Historic Northeast, is back on the market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For only the eighth time in 100 years, Tiffany Castle is back on the market. 

The 4,200-square-foot home in the Historic Northeast commands attention. It was during a Sunday afternoon car ride on Cliff Drive in 1986 that Tiffany Castle first caught the eye of its current owner, Marie Castro.

She said looked up and saw the large turret of the castle. Wondering what it belonged to, she drove around until she saw the castle sitting there at 100 Garfield Avenue. For the next six years, Castro said she stalked the house.

One day, she saw a for sale sign in the yard, and after looking inside the house she really fell in love. But as a school teacher, Castro didn't know how she could ever afford it.

A while later, she was showing pictures of the castle to her brother when he told her you only live once and urged her to go for it. So she did. Now after 23 years of loving and living in the castle, Castro is looking for the next owner.

The castle gets its name from Dr. Flavel B. Tiffany, who was the first optometrist in Kansas City. His love of the castles in Europe spurred his desire to build one of his own in Kansas City.

Castro hopes the new owners will love and care for the castle as much as she has over the years. 

"It's a treasure of Kansas City," she said. "Somebody has to come over and take care of this treasure."

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