Tips on how to drive on black ice

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From frozen freeways to icy interstates, even the best drivers can get caught up in a mess on slick roadways.

It can happen to anybody. Dozens in Kansas City faced crashes after instant black ice last Friday. Our own crews have even had icy mishaps.

With more winter weather headed our way, driving instructor Dan Backhaus has some simple steps to make the best of a sudden skid on the ice.

"Immediately let off the accelerator," he said.

Don't slam on your brakes and if you start fishtailing, steer into the skid.

"If you are skidding left, turn left. If you're skidding right, turn right," he said, turning the wheel.

They're tips worth repeating because in the moment, it's tough to remember.

"Oh your heart is going to be racing. I mean it is scary just flat out driving in some of those situations," Backhaus said.

Some common sense tips, too: Drive more slowly if the roads are a mess and double the normal space you would leave between you and the driver in front of you. 

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