Topping-out ceremony held at 'One Light' tower honors workers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Power and Light District's "One Light" apartment building achieved a milestone Wednesday morning.

The tower on 13th street between Main and Walnut had its last steel beam installed in a topping-out ceremony.

Business leaders who've had a front seat in the construction process are grateful for the men and women who've built the tower.

"We've seen the level of skill and dedication and hard work -- It truly is impressive and we're very appreciative of the thousands of workers who have been a part of the project and will continue to be apart of the project," Nick Benjamin, executive director of the Power and Light District said.

Every single unit in the 25-story luxury apartment high-rise has already prospective tenant, because of the success, the developer plans to build another tower nearby called "Two Light". 


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