Costume store takes caution with fake guns this Halloween

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The walls of Kansas City Costume are lined with options to make you really look like whatever you are trying to be,  but if you are only pretending to be the law, or any other costume that requires a gun, this shop isn't worried about authenticity.

"Anything that is going to be part of a costume is going to have those plastic orange tips," Juan Madera said.

There are some metal guns in the store that look just about real. Most of them are vintage revolvers. Those are kept under lock and key. Madera has one of only two keys in the store and even then, buyers must prove they are using the guns for theater purposes.

You know, a safety issue," said Madera. "We don't anyone to misconcept (sic) that its an actual gun by spray painting it or anything like that."

And people do. YouTube videos like this one show you how. Even this video's publisher explains ad nauseam that he only intends these guns for the stage.

But it is another reason Kansas City Costume doesn't sell fake 9MM or Berettas.

"We don't want a fake gun getting into the wrong hands." Madera said.

Even fake guns have caused issues in Kansas City. A fake gun sent Shawnee Mission East High School into lockdown last year.

In Blue Springs, parents were relieved to hear it was only a fake gun on a bus earlier this spring.

In Merriam, police almost shot a teen with an airsoft rifle gun in March.

But in California this week, police say they couldn't tell the difference and shot and killed a 13 year old boy holding a fake assault rifle.

Jenae Messina, a mother of three, says she thinks about the issue when shopping for her childrens' costumes.

"They can look real and the cops out there, it is a split second decision," Messina said.

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