Toys for Tots, other charities may have to leave kids empty handed

Charities hundreds of gifts short this year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several groups, including Catholic Charities and Toys for Tots, don't have enough gifts to hand out this Christmas.

Teddy bears, dolls and even toy ducks are some of the hundreds of toys that will soon be delivered to kids who otherwise wouldn't have gifts on Christmas.

"We will absolutely serve our 400 families, we are going to that," Pam Klein said, a volunteer at Catholic Charities. "But it's not going to be as many toys as we thought we were going to have."

Volunteers at catholic charities are just days away from passing out gifts.

"And it just breaks my heart to think about children waking up on Christmas morning and not having anything to open," Klein said.

However, they've received some unexpected news. Their biggest sponsor, Toys for Tots, notified them that they're 40,000 gifts short and won't be able to deliver on time.

"So once we get our toys it'll probably be too late for our toy shop so were scrambling just a little bit," Klein said.

Without Toys for Tots, the charity is about 900 toys short of their goal to provide kids with more than just one toy.

"We hate to short them," Gunnery Sergeant James R. Rollins said, this year's Toys for Tots Coordinator in Kansas City.

The amount of groups asking them for gifts this year has more than doubled from last year. Yet the bins at the charities warehouse are emptier than ever.

"It's just people aren't donating," Rollins said.

Pam Klein isn't letting that ruin things for catholic charities.

"Through gift cards that were donated and through some various different little bits of money that were around, four of us went shopping this morning," she said.

Now they're 200 gifts closer to checking off their list.

"And I just know we're going to get what we need, I know we are," Klein said.

Toys for Tots will be taking donations through December 17.

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