TRAFFIC: Tips to avoid construction areas of Interstate 35 around downtown Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, mo - Commuters in downtown Kansas City will see Interstate 35 down to two lanes for the rest of the year. The main bridge deck just south of downtown is getting a makeover. It was built 67 years ago and is long overdue for repairs.

Below are some solutions to help commuters heading downtown avoid the construction areas surrounding I-35:
If you are heading to downtown for concerts this weekend, the best thing to do is avoid I-35. But if you must use it, be patient.

If you live west of downtown, use I-70 east — not I-670. Stay on 70 and exit anywhere on the north side of the loop to get to Grand Ave.

For those to the south of downtown, use I-435 to get to I-70 east and follow the directions above.

If you live southeast of downtown, use 71 Highway. It's a straight shot into the city.

Normal routes to I-35 via Broadway or 12th Street are closed.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Friday, and continuing through Sunday afternoon, the ramp from northbound I-35 to westbound I-70 will close for repairs.

That means many motorists will first have to go east on I-670 and then make the whole downtown loop in order to reach the Lewis and Clark Viaduct.

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