Trash Boat Regatta held on Missouri River at Kaw Point

KANSAS CITY, KS - Some boats hit the Missouri River on Saturday with a trashy twist.

The trash boat regatta was held at Kaw Point.

Participants made boats out of trash. They couldn't spend more than $100 dollars to make the boats.

They also had to be wind power only - no motors.

One "sailor" said she just hoped her boat would stay in one piece.

“On top is a pallet I saved from a dumpster. Below that is about 12 kitty litter containers, those jugs that hold about three gallons. Under that is Styrofoam, also from dumpsters," Kelley Gant, creator of a trash vessel, said.

Her oars were laundry detergent bottles.

There were prizes for everything including best engineering, worst engineering, themes, least money spent and a people's choice award.

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