TSA proposing extra security at airports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The TSA is proposing extra security measures for airports around the country, which could mean more agents at KCI.

The national TSA is calling for more extensive active shooter training and wants to add armed officers at checkpoints at ticket counters during peak travel times. But that could be a stretch for KCI’s airport police.

The recommendations were released Wednesday along with a report on the deadly shooting last fall at the Los Angeles airport. The gunman killed a TSA officer at a security checkpoint and wounded three others.

KCI airport police didn’t wait for official orders and immediately after the LAX shooting, ramped up security, training and began coordinating with other agencies.

But KCI Police Chief Chuck Marks said putting an officer at each of the airport’s seven checkpoints may be difficult, especially since TSA hasn’t said how they plan to pay for it.

“It all comes down to money as most things do. There’s always a money trail so we have certain mandates. Now if we had to increase them, then obviously it would require more cops or more overtime, so most security is a matter of money,” Marks said.

The proposed changes are going through the approval process, but no matter what happens, KCI is still planning a full-scale, active shooter drill this summer.

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