Twelve-year-old boy struck by car in Kansas City

An East Kansas City boy is recovering at the hospital after getting hit by a car Wednesday afternoon.
A 12-year-old boy was riding his bike at 14th and Askew, according to police.
Police said he ignored at a stop sign, went through the intersection and a car hit him.
The driver stopped. Investigators said she started performing CPR on the child before the ambulance arrived.
The boy is at the hospital in serious but non-life threatening condition.
Police said there's no exception for anyone at a stop sign.
"You have to be prepared to be stop sign. A stop sign means bicycles too it's a young child i understand that  we hope he doesn't have to pay that high of a price for his mistake," Sgt. Bill Mahoney, with Kansas City Police, said.
Officers said the driver is cooperating with the investigation.
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