Twinkies back on shelves with some changes

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Kansas City-based Hostess Brands is back in business and Twinkies are back on the shelves-- but they're not the same as the original.

Hostess has a smaller staff, smaller budget and even smaller snack.

Twinkie cakes now have six less grams of fat and slightly fewer calories. They used to be 150 calories per cake but now they're around 135 calories.

"Even if they're smaller, they're smaller but they're still going to taste the same. They're delicious," Lisa Armstrong, a mother from Grain Valley, Mo., said,

Hostess headquarters in Kansas City is once again profiting off the cream-filled cakes return but only 25 percent of the jobs are expected to come back

The treat made a grand entrance at the Kansas City, Mo., advertising company Bernstein Rein which is spearheading the comeback campaign.

"They chose us to re-launch the new brand. So to be a part of what's going on nationally, when the world is talking about Twinkies and knowing we were the ones who started it all, the Facebook, the streetscapes, it's pretty amazing," President Steve Bernstein said,

Many stores haven't gotten their shipment in yet, but the Hyvee in Blue Springs, Mo., is watching their supply fly off the shelves.

Twinkies also have a new recipe that changes the shelf life of 45 days instead of just 26.

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