Man shoots woman multiple times in KCK church parking lot, takes his own life

An attempted murder-suicide played out in the parking lot of a KCK church on Monday morning.  And it happened in front of the shooting victim's 8-year-old daughter.

The woman is in critical condition after she was shot multiple times around 7:45 a.m., at 51st and Leavenworth Road. According to a witness, the gunman chased the woman across the parking lot and attacked her. The woman tried to defend herself until the man pulled out a gun and opened fire.

Brenda Mosley lives across the street from the church; she heard the couple arguing and called police.

"I got on the phone to call 911 and when he started shooting her, I had to yell, 'He's shooting her, get here quick,'" Mosley said.

Moseley quickly realized that the gunman turned the gun on himself and noticed the young girl standing nearby in tears.

"You could see how scared she was and how traumatized she was, my heart goes out to the whole family," Mosley said.

The woman was transported to the hospital and the man died at the scene.  Police say parents and children witnessed the shooting.  No other injuries were reported.

Welborn Elementary, at 5200 Leavenworth Rd., was briefly in a lockout after the shooting. The lockout was lifted a short time later.

Police have not released the gunman's name or his relationship to the shooting victim.

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