Independence police: Two workers stop sexual assault in park

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence police credit witnesses with helping save a woman who was reportedly raped in a park Saturday.

John Quinn and Robert McDaniel were taking out the trash at a fast food restaurant when they noticed a commotion in Brady Park next door.

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"She heard my voice and rose up and I saw her face,” McDaniel explained. “It was all beaten up, bloody, swollen, it made me mad."

The two said they jumped down to stop a man from attacking the woman and their boss called police.

The man stumbled away and ended up in Julie Martin's backyard.

"We didn't know what had happened or anything, but he was right behind the house and he didn't have any clothes on,” Martin said. “He just fell, he just collapsed.”

Independence Police caught Bryan Raines and charged him with rape and sodomy in the first degree.

The park where the attack happened is just across the street from a children's playground at McCoy Park.

The two workers who jumped in to help said they were glad Raines didn't get away.

"It just could have been a lot worse, I'm glad we caught what was going on before it did get worse … there could have been a dead lady down there that no one even would have known about," Quinn said.

Raines is being held on a $500,000 cash only bond.

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