Union Station exhibit gives visitors unique rock experience

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Ever wonder how your favorite musicians created those riveting sounds?  Well, a new exhibit opening at Union Station Halloween Wednesday will give you a chance to get the secrets behind those memorable riffs and melodies.

From the record player to mp3 players, the Science of Rock & Roll shows how technology is changing music even today.  The main attraction is an interactive exhibit where you get to play the guitar, or even sing.  It provides a fresh look at the history of rock from the perspective of science and technology.  It looks into the hardware that created back beats, recorded hits and gave us timeless rhythms that echo through generations of rock fans.

Developers made education the focus of the exhibit, giving each visitor and unique look at rock history.

"For everything we teach you we want to give you a chance to do that thing.  Because everything runs through headphones it's your own experience," says Lance Brass, Production Director for Elevation Productions.  "It's a lot of fun and a lot of do."

Admission is $15. You can buy your tickets on the Union Station website and get updates on http://scienceofrock.com .  Check it out through May, 2014.

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