Heads Up Football Clinic teaches youth coaches about concussion prevention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KU Hospital is hosting the Heads Up Football Clinic today at Arrowhead Stadium.

Heads Up Football is a national initiative sponsored by USA Football. The clinic teaches youth coaches what to do to prevent concussions and keep student athletes safe.

“It’s a movement toward a better, safer game for youth football. And even football all the way up through high school,” John Roderique, a Heads Up Football Master Trainer, said. “You see a lot of coaches talking about this program and what a great thing it is for football across America.”

Master Trainer Gary Swenson said the clinic covers four different components: teach tackling in a safer, consistent way, concussion awareness, heat and hydration and proper fitting of football equipment.

“Some of the negative things about the game of football have come out of issues that have stemmed from all four of those components,” Swenson said. “All of us would benefit from consistent teaching that is based on education and research, and I feel it’s a tremendous initiative that will help our game.” 

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