Universoul Circus performers support Kansas City youth organizations who rally against violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE: Kansas City, Mo. Police dispatch say a pair of fights among the crowd at the Stop the Violence rally from 39th and Prospect to 31st and Prospect forced officers to disburse the crowd early.

Dispatchers say no injuries were reported, but the crowd was told to head home at 8:09 p.m.


Universoul Circus and orgs rally against violence

Tuesday night the Universoul Circus joined the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime for the "Your Life Matters" Youth Parade and Rally.

It started at 39th Street and Prospect in Kansas City, Mo., and ended with a rally at Linwood Shopping Center at Prospect near 39th St.

"Well, everyone’s life matters. No one needs to be getting shot," Ka'Vyea Tyson, the grand marshal of the parade, said.

Ka'Vyea was shot earlier this year at a gas station. He survived and is learning to walk again . His father was killed in the same shooting. 

Some young people marching in the band with the group hope people will embrace their message of non-violence.

"We need to stop killing people and hurting each other like Dr. Martin Luther King said,” Irvin White, 13, said.

Fourteen-year-old Rejuan Campbell explained young people are the future leaders, doctors and moms and dads. 

"We need to stop the violence because life matters," Campbell explained.

The group is hoping this message will go be on the Kansas City. They're asking people to use #YourLifeMatters in their social media posts. 

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