US to require rearview cameras in new cars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Starting in 2018, all new cars will come with rearview cameras. This comes following a requirement filed by the National Highway Safety Administration.

A Kansas City based organization helped file a lawsuit to enact this new guideline. It’s a safety standard that safety advocates at say was a long-time coming.

Debbie Aiman lost her two-year-old grandson Benjamin Thompson in 2012.

“It's one thing to lose him, but another thing to feel responsible,” Aiman explained he was accidentally killed by his dad.

“He just ran behind the truck and the truck was a regular big truck and he backed up and that was it,” Aiman said.

Since that day, her family worked with to fight for new safety guidelines.

Amber Rollins, Director and Volunteer Manager for the organization said, “Nobody knew this was an issue, there was no data, there was no anything until kids and cars said hey kids are being backed over and this is happening a lot."

The organization filed a lawsuit against the federal government to require all car manufacturers to install rear visibility systems.

They finally won that battle.

However, for Debbie and her family, that's not soon enough. “It really bothers me that it has taken them this long to make this decision and 2018 is four years away and a lot of things can happen in four years,” Aiman said. continues to urge car makers to move quickly and even beat the 2018 deadline.

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