Utility crew disconnects power to wrong house, family in the dark for 15 hours

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Kansas City Power & Light is investigating why one of its crews disconnected power to the wrong house on Tuesday.

Jessica Porter contacted 41 Action News after being without power for several hours because of a utility crew mix up. She came home to no power and a disconnection notice.

The only problem: the name and address on the notice was not her or her address. The house number was off by one number.

Porter first called her husband and then called KCP&L. A representative apologized and told her a crew would restore power by the end of the business day. She called back again around 8 p.m. because the power was still out, but a representative told her it was already fixed.

"'Yes, it is our fault, but the people who handle disconnections and connections have gone home for the day. But they were at your house at 4:00, so your power is registering on,'" Porter said the representative told her.

After trouble-shooting for a few minutes, the KCP&L representative told Porter it was still disconnected. She said they promised to be there now by the end of the day.

"At 11:59 I'm thinking the end of the day is getting ready to come and go and it did," Porter said. "At 2:10 a.m. my power was turned back on."

Porter wants KCP&L to pay for all the spoiled food in her refrigerator. A representative told her she has to file a claim.

A KCP&L spokesperson told us this is a rare occurrence. 

“Ms. Porter’s power was restored early this morning. We are working with her now to reimburse her for any damages during this unplanned outage,” the spokesperson said.

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