Victims hopeful police nabbed car burglars responsible for thefts in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Car burglars caught in the act. 

Overland Park Police arrested four people breaking into cars early Tuesday morning. Now, victims of burglaries and vandalism are hopeful police nabbed the people responsible.


Two juveniles and a 19-year-old were caught opening cars near 153rd and Robinson.


In a separate incident, police arrested another 19-year-old near 61st and Foster.


One man saw the theft from his porch. Robert Watson said one person acted as a lookout and the other two went from car to car to see which ones were open.


"She came all the way up to my house which I was sitting on the porch 15, 20 feet away from her but she didn't' see me," explained Watson.


She also didn't know Watson was on the phone with police.


"She checked the car door and it was locked and kept on down the road. I was on the phone with 911 when she walked by," Watson said.


These arrests are the latest developments in an area recently plagued by car break-ins.


Police caught the three suspected thieves just about a mile away from Gretchen Mitchell's neighborhood.


Two weeks ago, someone went through eight cars on her block and set her 16-year-old daughter's car on fire.


The image of the burning car still haunts her family, especially her youngest child.


"We had her sleep with her big sister, it lasted about 5 minutes. She said I don't want to sleep in there because the last time I slept with her they started her car on fire," explained Mitchell.


Police haven't determined if the car break-ins are related.


"Some of those are in very close proximity so we're going to be looking to see if those are connected. It's a possibility but those are under investigation," Officer Michelle Koos said.


Mitchell just doesn't want this to happen again.


"It will be good for them to know that they're not out there to do it to somebody else," Mitchell said.

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