Victor Fugate introduced the president, warmed up the crowd at Uptown Theater

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Victor Fugate introduced the president and warmed up the crowd at the Uptown Theater on Wednesday.

“I’m so honored to be here today,” Fugate said at the theater.

Fugate is from Butler, Mo., and delivered a nearly two minute speech Wednesday before President Barack Obama’s speech.

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Fugate joked in his speech about the president tearing up some ribs and taking him up on his offer to have Secret Service agents scare boys away from Fugate’s daughter.

Fugate was given the opportunity to speak before the president because of a letter he wrote three years ago about health care and student loans.

He spoke to the president Tuesday night about these issues while they were at dinner at Arthur Bryant’s.

“I would say I probably got to talk to him for about 20 minutes or so,” Fugate said.

Another dinner guest was Valerie McCaw. She wrote the president just two weeks ago. She hesitated to respond to 41 Action News’ question about how she liked the speech on Wednesday. She said she thought it was “fine.” 

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