Victor Fugate will dine with President Obama, introduce him at Uptown Theater

BELTON, Mo. - Victor Fugate will introduce President Barack Obama and have dinner with him Tuesday.

"My biggest thought has been to make sure I don't get anything really dirty at the restaurant and get food on my shirt and embarrass myself in front of the president," he said.

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Fugate wrote a letter to the president three years ago and never heard anything back until three weeks ago.

"I received a phone call from the communications department first. It was two weeks ago. So this all happened really, really fast," said Fugate.

In that letter, he had written about two social issues important to him. Fugate said he talked about student loan debt and health care in the letter.

"I worked in a hospital and I saw where people were giving up food trying to get medicine and that was a big concern of mine so I wrote a letter to the president concerning that and student loans helping people to be able to pay their bills," said Fugate.

The White House Press Office called him and said he had been chosen to not only have dinner with the president, but also to introduce the president and deliver a short speech Wednesday at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Mo., before introducing the president.

"I have put together a little mini-speech myself, and of course, the speech department will have to look at it," he said.

Fugate said he has not been told where he will eat yet, but he guessed he will be with three others local residents who were also selected to dine with President Obama. He said he hopes he doesn't spill any food on himself and hopes they eat BBQ.

Fugate will head to Kansas City after his shift at work, and he could not disclose where he was told to go. Fugate said he is under the impression he will ride with the president's security detail to dinner.

Fugate is a college graduate from Evangel University. He’s married with a 4-year-old daughter, Michaiah, and lives in Belton, Mo.

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