Video shows distracted bus driver hit pedestrian in downtown crosswalk

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Video from a camera mounted inside a KCATA bus shows a driver, distracted for the barest of seconds by a passenger, strike a woman in a downtown crosswalk on Tuesday .

The woman was not seriously injured, and the incident remains under investigation.

"Preliminarily, the surveillance video does show that the operator veered his eyes from the road momentarily to address a customer who had come forward, and in that moment the pedestrian ... got hit by the bus," Cindy Baker, KCATA's Vice President of Communications, said.

"It's critical that an operator be tuned in and alert 100 percent of the time," Baker said.

The driver of the bus was a more than 15-year veteran, Baker said, with an excellent safety record. The investigation into the accident could take a few weeks.

The video from inside the bus shows just how slight of a distraction can lead to an accident, particularly on downtown streets crowded with pedestrians.

The driver may not have been the only person distracted, however. The video appears to show the pedestrian talking on her cellphone when she was hit and retrieving in seconds after the collision, and apparently resuming the conversation.

"I haven't seen whether she was actually talking on her phone. I do think she retrieved one after the accident," Baker said. "In any event, you know she was in the crosswalk and we have to, have got to, yield to pedestrians."

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