Waldo residents describe shock watching suspect taken into custody

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A part of the city that doesn't usually see homicides like it did on Saturday left a neighborhood paralyzed.

Residents in the Waldo section of Kansas City watched as investigators searched the property of 205 W. 78 th St. Others were shocked when they watched a person matching the description of the suspect taken into custody near a neighborhood park.

Ron Montibishop said he came home frightened to find a homicide investigation down the street. "Not over here, it's really quiet; it's a really quiet area. You get people biking and running in the mornings on the trails," said Montibishop.

Police say a man in his mid-50s was shot in front of a home in broad daylight at 3 in the afternoon.

Witnesses were able to give police a description of the suspect and the direction he was going.

That happened to be same direction Michael and Julie Valdavia were walking when they spotted the person taken into police custody.

"He was just casually walking around like a lot of people do in our neighborhood, it's a neighborhood park in Sunnyside," said Julie Valdavia.

Michael Valdavia described the man the saw, "He's holding his pants up and he's all kind of spooked looking. We didn't think much of it and then when we walked around and heard all the sirens. My wife turned and said that was the guy we just said hi to."

Despite taking a person into custody, 78th Street near Brookside Road was blocked off for much of the evening. Witnesses told police the two may have been involved in an argument, but the homicide remained under investigation Saturday night.

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