WATCH: A day in the life of a KC firefighter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - They have made headlines fighting budget and pension cuts as well as fires but for the first time, the Kansas City Fire Department lets civilians in to see what a day for their members is like.

Our Lindsay Shively got a tiny taste of what three dozen cadets are learning right now from using the Jaws of Life to getting lowered down a five-story building to even fighting a real fire. From the air tank and mask to the suit, glove and helmet, firefighting gear weighs 70 pounds by itself.

"It is just hard to imagine how physically demanding it is without the smoke and the heat and how hard it is to drag the hose," said Battalion Chief Tom Byrne. It's a job they perform tirelessly day in and day out with lives on the line, including their own.

"Every time we get a call, its a serious situation. It is somebody's worst day," said firefighter and union president Mike Cambiano.

To see how Lindsay fared as a firefighter, watch the video above.

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