Selfie with a squirrel goes so wrong

The picture could become one of the most classic viral selfies ever.
Brian Genest, 17, was in the Tampa Bay area visiting from Maine when his family decided to go for a hike at John Chesnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor.
While they were walking up one of the bridged pathways, Brian spotted a friendly looking squirrel, so he decided to get a selfie.
Sure enough the squirrel complied. But flash after the flash from the camera apparently caused the squirrel to have a change of heart.
"He jumped on my shoulder and went down my shirt,” Brian said.
It was all captured on camera. 
The squirrel ran up and around his back. Brian started flailing to get the animal off.
"I ended up doing a stop, drop and roll kind of thing,” he said.
The squirrel took off into the woods.
You might be wondering how it was all captured on camera if Brian was flailing around. Brian’s mother, Paula, helped capture the moment.
"I was thinking this is going to be hilarious," she said.
The entire family thought it was funny, and they are still laughing.
As for Brian, he's just a little stunned at how much attention he has gotten from the encounter with the photo-sensitive rodent.
His future brother-in-law posted the series of photos on Reddit. In just a couple of days, it gained close to 2 million views.
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