4 viral videos that will make you SMARTER

We're used to seeing some of the weirdest, funniest and totally adorable when it comes to viral videos, but a new, scientific wave has hit the web and it may be worth checking out.

Since the dawn of the internet era, viral videos have broadcast the best of humanity, including the fails... and the totally stupid.

But now, a new wave of smart viral videos is gaining millions of views everyday -- with internet-savvy experimenters probing the questions that this generation really needs answered.

You know, the questions that keep you up at night, like the probability of a zombie apocalypse, or the weight of a shadow, or even how to create a hexagon flexagon.

This webucation isn't your typical science teaching like Mr Wizard or Bill Nye but a conclusive crash course in online knowledge.

ASAP Science delivers as advertised -- science ASAP. And it appeals to our middle school nostalgia by teaching us on a whiteboard and not a modern digitized screen. 

While we can't confirm that a zombie apocalypse is hypothetically possible due to a rabies outbreak, the YouTube channel has brought other answers to light like why we blush and the causes of motion sickness.

Who needs a library when you can log on? Get the knowledge you need the viral way.

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