Class ring found, family reunited after Eudora, KS home burglarized

EUDORA, Kan. - A family has been reunited and a ring missing for more almost 30 years has been returned thanks to a thief.

It all started when Emily Hatch‘s family’s ceiling collapsed. While the house was getting fixed, Hatch and her family were burglarized.

When Hatch went through her stuff to see what all was stolen, she found someone else’s class ring. After doing some research, she posted the ring to the Turner High School Facebook page. A little later, the ring’s owner saw it.

“Oh she [the ring owner] was just so ... so shocked, and she was excited and just staring at it. And she said, you know, her fingers got a little fatter over the years so she put it on her pinky and just looked at it amazed ... she said she never thought she'd see it again,” Hatch said.

The ring was from the class of 1985.

In that same Facebook thread, a man ended up connecting with a sister he didn’t even know existed. At the time, he was looking for clues to track down his biological father.

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