Cub scout, 9, saves brother from drowning

VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) - There is not much stronger than the bond between two brothers. Caleb Merriss found that out first-hand last year.

He was 9-years-old and almost lost his 4-year-old brother Dylan in a backyard pool.

"I jumped off the little raft and he had his life vest off and he fell in on accident," Caleb recalled.

Caleb is a Cub Scout, and all his training kicked in when he saw his little brother struggle in the water.

He did what any good scout and brother would do. He saved him.

This week Caleb was surprised with a special honor, the National Certificate of Merit.

It's given only to those who demonstrate unusual heroism, skill and bravery.

Caleb is now officially a hero among the Cub Scouts in Pack 317 in Visalia, Cal., but perhaps more importantly he's a hero to his little brother.

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