Esquire names Pope Francis ‘Best Dressed' of 2013

(CNN) - Move over Brad Pitt. Step aside George Clooney. It looks like you have some very serious competition in the style department.

Esquire Magazine has named Pope Francis the 2013 ‘Best Dressed' man of the year.

Now, the magazine admits this is unconventional decision, but they point to Pope Francis' very simple style decisions as signaling new hope for the Catholic Church.

Take a look at Pope Benedict – the elaborate robes, the golden cross; Esquire says this look is so last season.

Now, it's all about Pope Francis with his very simple garments, and his iron cross.

Pope Francis has been trying to focus the Catholic Church on helping the marginalized, the disenfranchised, and the poor.

Esquire Magazine writes the holy Roman emperor really does have new clothes, and they reflect the people's pope.