#FF: Do it for the Vine on the Now KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Follow Friday is usually reserved for Twitter, but today we're doing it for Vine. Here are our recommendations.

King Bach has more than 7.9 million followers. This video, titled, "When someone you don't like jokes with you," has been looped more than 6.7 million times. He's the second most famous Vine star in the world. 

The second #ff goes to Brittany Furlan. With 7.1 million followers on Vine, she's hilarious and isn't afraid to poke fun at herself.

Our final Vine #ff goes to Alx James. His videos take simple, common sense facts and bring them to his "Vine-life."  He has more than 5.9 million followers and is the app's 5th most famous star.

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